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Joy Jermy

Joy is the Senior Regional Advisor for La Jolie Ronde. Joy spent 3 years studying Primary Education and after graduating she spent some time teaching in her home town of Poole, Dorset after which time she went abroad for almost a decade and taught both English and French in International Schools in Europe and the Middle East.
It was whilst abroad that Joy realised how quickly and easily her young pupils were picking up other languages and so upon her return she was keen to get involved in language teaching in the UK.
Joy joined La Jolie Ronde in the mid-1990s and became the Regional Co-ordinator for West London in 2000.
You can read all about Joy's 20 years' service award and how she first started her language teaching business by clicking on the tab "News".

Sylvie Whittaker

Sylvie is a French national originally from Montauban near the city of Toulouse in south west France.  She has a French Degree in Business Studies and languages - English & Italian.
Sylvie’s first teaching experience was as a French assistante at Whitley Bay High School, and before working for la Jolie Ronde Sylvie spent four years in the field of training where she gained plenty of experience in writing lessons, training and assessing students.
She has three children of her own and joined La Jolie Ronde in 2006. 
Sylvie says:” As soon as I saw the La Jolie Ronde materials I was impressed by the wide variety of activities on offer. It allows me to cater for all sorts of learners and is an all-inclusive methodology.”

Wendy Brister

Wendy lives locally and has two children. Prior to having a family she taught French in Secondary Schools and worked overseas teaching English in Indonesia and Vietnam.  She also worked for several years in the oil industry.
Although her children are growing fast, Wendy still spends a lot of her preparation time raiding her children’s (old) toy boxes to source realia for her French lessons!  Wendy very much enjoys being in the classroom with her young learners and watching their progress as they gain in confidence.  She is always delighted at how much the children love singing and acting out the La Jolie Ronde songs

Liz Cox

Liz took a joint degree in Law and French with Russian and Geology and spent a year in the South of France working as a languages assistant.  Upon her return to the UK she worked for 4 years in a small firm of solicitors in London.  Liz then took a course in teaching English as a Foreign Language and within a week of finishing was offered a job in Thessaloniki, Greece.  After experiencing the buzz of teaching young children Liz decided to come back to England to do a postgraduate teaching qualification. She went on to teach French and German in secondary schools until 1994 when, after the birth of her second daughter, she also branched into Primary French.
Liz joined La Jolie Ronde in 2007 and is enjoying the new experience of teaching across the Primary age range as well as teaching very young children in nurseries.  She says that the experience is a rewarding one and she is always encouraged by the positive attitude of the children and the rapid results.

Claudine Stanton-Jones

With a French mother passionate about her language, Claudine was brought up bilingually and spent most of her childhood holidays with grandparents in the Cévennes and other relatives in Bordeaux. Claudine completed a French and Spanish Degree and spent 6 months living in Granada where she says she 'totally fell in love with Spain and Spanish"! 
Claudine spent 20 years working in bilingual environments within industry where it was a requirement of her role to use both languages.
Claudine says "Discovering La Jolie Ronde with its fun learning approach has meant that not only can I still use my training background but I can also make learning French and Spanish exciting and memorable for children... and me!"

Susie Chance

After obtaining a degree in French, during which she worked as an assistante for a year in a French Lycée, Susie spent some time in Cairo, where she built on her teaching experience, giving private English lessons to  both adults and children. It was here that she also launched a career in journalism which she continued upon her return to the UK  - writing for women’s magazines. 

Now, with a family and two children of her own, Susie’s interest in primary education, combined with a passion for the French language (she has recently been helping her daughter study for an early French GCSE), has drawn her back to her teaching roots.  She is thrilled to have discovered La Jolie Ronde and is  constantly amazed by the enthusiasm and progress of  the children. 

Kathryn Martinez

Kathryn comes from a family of fluent French and Spanish speakers. One of her earliest pre-school memories is her home French lessons with her grandmother!
Having continued learning both languages at school Kathryn spent much of her gap-year living and working in Haute Provence and Granada and then went on to complete an Honours Degree in French and Spanish at Leeds University. It was while teaching English at a collège in Montpellier that Kathryn met her French husband. Kathryn’s two young sons are growing up in a bilingual household and with the additional influence of their Spanish grandmother they are getting the full benefit of hearing and now speaking three languages from birth.
Prior to joining La Jolie Ronde Kathryn spent 10 years in consumer and market insight at a large multi-national company where she continued to use her languages in a business context. She says of La Jolie Ronde; “Teaching the languages I love to young children is an absolute joy. The children genuinely love to learn this way and they do so with an enthusiasm and energy that makes it incredibly rewarding.”

Salima Baig
Salima is a French national originally from the medieval town of Chartres. As part of her Baccalaureate Salima enjoyed studying languages (Italian, Spanish and English), French literature and Philosophy.  As part of her degree Salima travelled and worked at United Nations in New York as well as in Seville.  During her studies Salima enjoyed working as a translator and interpreter for different public organisations.

Before making the UK her home, Salima offered private tutoring to pupils of varying ages and then she made the decision to study for a PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages.

Salima is bringing up her two young children bilingually and she has been enjoying translating and singing traditional English nursery rhymes into French!
Salima loves the La Jolie Ronde structured, fun programmes  where she has observed children effortlessly participating and speaking in French and Spanish.
Fabienne Goalen

Passionate about sharing her knowledge, Fabienne has changed careers from architecture to primary school teaching, graduating from St Mary’s University College in Twickenham.
Fabienne was brought up in Haïti, speaking French, English and Creole from birth, with a Belgian father and a Haitian mother. She attended an American primary school and when she moved to a French lycée aged 11, Spanish became compulsory. Fabienne thrived in this new language, becoming fluent as she spent holidays with her extended family based in Puerto Rico.
Fabienne has lived in different countries and as she adapted and learned about different cultures, the benefits of speaking multiple languages became obvious, especially in our ever-increasing global world. True to her beliefs, she has brought up her two children bilingually, peaking only French to them and expecting only French back!
Fabienne enjoys teaching children of all ages, exploring a variety of subjects - having worked as a class teacher in two local primary schools - and, not surprisingly with her architectural background, is very interactive and creative in her classes. She is looking forward to working with La Jolie Ronde and teaching more children the wonder of languages!


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