I wanted to let you know that our older son Arya (who did French at Stanley in Years 5 and 6) has recently started at an independent secondary school. We were surprised to hear from his teacher that she'd kept him back after lessons to give him extra work.  She felt that he was getting bored in class as he's so far ahead of the others with his speaking, reading and writing!  Having spoken to her about this she's keen to push him further as he seems to have a natural aptitude for languages. We wanted to thank 'La Jolie Ronde' for the invaluable start to his learning - especially when you consider that the majority of the children in his class are from prep schools and have been practicing French over a longer period of time. N Agnihotri, Teddington

Charlotte will be leaving the nursery very soon and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and the teachers, for great classes. Charlotte has really enjoyed them and being half French and raised bilingually, they have really helped. Laure Chamoux, Teddies Twickenham

You do such a professional job and the children really enjoy their sessions.  It is difficult to maintain a high standard, but you manage it and I am delighted that this has been recognised by your recent award.  All the staff that come to Collis are lovely.  They work really hard, are very professional and run really focused sessions.  Well done!   Jane Way, Deputy Head Teacher, Collis Primary School

Iona has been enjoying French at Buttercups Syon Park since she turned two. It's a highlight of her week! We've been amazed at her confidence in greeting people in French, asking for things and saying merci.  Her father and I have been delighted to hear her talking to her dolls in French, singing songs and playing games she even had tentative conversations with French children on holiday. Whilst Iona never likes to "perform" she surprised us on several occasions on holiday responding to people in French particularly saying "merci" and "au revoir" naturally and fluently. We're looking forward to our son starting French with you too.  Catt and Ewen, Buttercups Nursery

Izzy will be moving to secondary school this summer so will not be continuing with Jolie Ronde. Many thanks for providing her with an excellent foundation in French. Luke Andrews, Teddington

You have now had all three of our boys through in your lessons and our youngest one, who is currently studying with you on Tuesday afternoons at Hollymount, will be moving on to the next stage of his education so I write to you to say a huge thank you and goodbye! S Fuller, Raynes Park

My daughter Maya started La Jolie Ronde Spanish classes when she was just over 2 ½ years old.  From the first session I was astounded by how much she absorbed and how easy it was for her to understand the concept of a new language.  La Jolie Ronde’s methodology, using songs, games and making language learning fun, makes perfect sense and makes language acquisition much easier than the way I was taught in school!  We had an excellent tutor who really brought the language to life for the children.  I cannot recommend the scheme enough.  I only regret that we did not start French at the same time………  This is the perfect way to develop your child, give them a lifelong skill and it is FUN!

  J McAlroy, Richmond Open Centre

Our daughter from Laurel class is absolutely loving French and wants to continue it in Yr 1 in September! O Sealy, Stanley Primary

My daughter genuinely enjoys these classes and seems to grasp a surprising amount considering it's just half an hour once a week. She loves the song. Natasha Pearson, Strawberry Hill

Thank you for the two years that you have provided my daughter with French lessons. When my daughter began Reception, French was the factor that helped her settle in. She enjoyed every Monday and spoke so highly of her classes. This still continues into this year, so thank you for enriching my daughter’s learning. Gracie Lea is always so keen to tell me what she's been learning. Claire Trew, Bishop Perrin Primary

I just wanted to thank you for the report report, I found it absolutely pleasing to read.  My daughter loves her Spanish lessons and enjoys chatting to me in Spanish, although I doubt I am of much help.  I learn so much Spanish now from her and we have a lot of fun. Your report has helped me continue the work at home and I know we will enjoy this together. I really loved your report, thank you for making my day! Karen, Hampton Wick Infants 

Congratulations on your 20 years’ service. A richly deserved reward - for work which will affect children's adult lives for many, many years to come - and will make a positive contribution to our torn and divided world. Your work is not just about the French that is taught (or the other languages) - children who develop confidence through La Jolie Ronde will bring that confidence to any language they study, any cross-cultural experience they have or any experience of living or travelling abroad. That is a very wide contribution to the lives of others. So thank you so much. P Gardner, class teacher, All Saints Primary Putney

When my child’s class teacher was on strike my daughter could have had the entire day off but instead when she was offered the chance to go in especially for the extra-curricular French lesson she actually cheered!  I don’t believe that there can be much higher praise of the class.  The tutor is truly doing a great job.  Many of my daughter’s classmates also went to school that day just for their French class. That is amazing Karen, Hollymount Primary

I would like to thank you and the tutor for all the effort and fabulous lessons you have provided for both my children”.  Smita, Bishop Perrin Primary

“My daughter will be starting school in September and therefore will not be able to join your classes anymore.  I am raising my daughter bi-lingually (German/English) and must say how impressed I am at how quickly she has learned French too. She has thoroughly enjoyed her French lessons. Many thanks for your help and support”.   Daniela, Buttercups Nursery Syon Park

“Thank you for sending the feedback on my daughter’s progress in her French lessons.  It's really nice to hear that she is doing so well.  She is clearly very fond of the lessons and equally of the teacher, who she often talks fondly about at home.  It’s a real pleasure to hear her at home dropping in bits of French into her everyday language, and singing us some of the songs she's learnt in the lessons. We'll be continuing with the lessons with great pleasure as our daughter very much looks forward to Wednesdays with the French teacher and her friends!   Olivia, Little School Nursery

 “My daughter has been an active and enthusiastic participant of La Jolie Ronde French lessons since she was in Reception class at the school and I have been delighted with her progress.  She has enjoyed the lessons from start to finish and we are very sorry to be leaving the Stanley Primary school classes.  I am very, very keen for her to continue with La Jolie Ronde once we move away and have already started investigating options close to where we will be living.  My daughter has really embraced language learning with La Jolie Ronde and I am convinced that this will stand her in very good stead when she comes to learn it in a more formal setting as she progresses through her education.” V Aurora, Stanley Primary School

Despite financial difficulties I'm so glad I managed to keep my daughter in La Jolie Ronde French lessons, and have told her to use as much French as possible, as she is currently in France for her school trip.

I can't thank you enough for all your encouragement and passion. Her confidence has soared in the last term and I know that she is ready for the next adventure in her life. L Kain Teddington Marshgate Primary School

"I'm really pleased that my two children have had such a good start in learning French - they are way ahead of where I was at the same age. This will be my son’s last term as he's off to secondary school in September. He's hoping that he will be able to continue with his French there. Your lessons have given him confidence that I believe he may otherwise not have found in learning languages" M Lambert, Marshgate Primary School

It's been a fabulous opportunity for our daughter & I'm hoping to continue her French in Australia, as another language is a great skill to have. We've enjoyed doing the homework with her & her accent is gorgeous!  M Jones, Collis Primary School

“Thank you very much for the wonderful lessons you have provided, Francesca has enjoyed them very much and learnt a lot. In fact, I would say she has learnt more in two terms than her brother did in two years of weekly French lessons at a London private school!” A Gregory, Busy Bees Nursery Thames Ditton

“I would like to congratulate your company and to ask you to pass our congratulations and appreciation on to our child’s tutor.  We were hesitant to enrol our son in another set of lessons which he may show great enthusiasm for at first and then equally passionately dislike after the first session….. However we were, and still are, delighted with his enthusiasm for his French lessons. After school on the day of his first lesson he was so pleased that he wouldn't let me take his La Jolie Ronde book bag, but insisted on carrying it around the playground so he could show anyone who'd stay still long enough to look at it. Now he'll suddenly start counting in French or insist we give colours in French when we're playing car-spotting games. Brilliant !” J Hicks, Collis Primary School

"My son enjoys his Spanish language lesson every week. He is inspired afterwards and asks for more books in Spanish. We are seeing improvement after each lesson"  K Caver, Instituto Cervantes

“I was impressed with the tutor from the very first lesson.  She is very friendly, punctual and professional. My daughter really enjoys learning with her”    Vimala, Hammersmith

My daughter loves her French classes; in fact the reason she joined was because we had heard how much her classmates were enjoying it!”K Bruce, Marshgate Primary School

We would really appreciate our younger daughter attaining a place your classes as our elder child really enjoyed and gained enormously from her French lessons with you; not only educationally but also in self -esteem and confidence.  Dr Khan, Hollymount Primary School

My son will soon leave for his secondary school and I hope he continues his enthusiasm for learning French. I do not have words big enough to thank you for encouraging my little 5 year old when you first met him.  I still remember most of his assemblies and especially when he along with other children sang Christmas carols in French at St Pancras Station.  I am grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with my child. Sim, Bishop Perrin Primary School

Thank you very much for a truly wonderful performance this morning.  What a way the children have come in only 30 minutes a week!  We were all very proud of them.  Well done on a great performance today!  Thank you for a lovely year and here's to the next one. E Muir, Stanley Primary School 

I am a great fan of La Jolie Ronde as you have done so much for my son, not only in teaching him two languages but also his confidence (and singing voice). Your classes have made him feel very happy and he is so proud that he can talk different languages. It has also increased his interest in travel and Spain and France are now top of his list to travel to as he longs to experience the culture, meet the people and speak the language - this is wonderful and priceless! K Greening, Stanley Primary School

We've just come back from our holiday in France and it was wonderful to see our daughter going into the post office while we were away and asking for two stamps for her postcards and paying for them - all on her own!  The post office staff were wonderful - very patient and kind - and it gave her a great sense of achievement.  Thank you La Jolie Ronde for giving her the confidence to converse in French 'for real'! Anna B, Whitton

I just thought you might like to know that I had Sophie’s first parents evening this week and her French teacher was astounded at her level of French - both pronunciation and knowledge. That’s all thanks to you and your teachers, so thank you very much for giving her such a head start in Secondary school!! E Alleyne, Marshgate Primary

Iona thoroughly enjoys her French with Mme Claudine, it is a highlight of her week at nursery.  She often tells us what she has been learning.  She takes pleasure in listening to her French Cd, using her workbook and singing the songs. Parent, Catherine McLeod, Buttercups Nursery

Sienna has been attending French lessons at Buttercups since she was 2 and half. Exposure to foreign language at such a young age is wonderful and we are so grateful that the nursery along with you and your company, provide this form of education. We know that Sienna thoroughly enjoys the lessons which provide a wonderful and interactive way to learn. So much so, that Sienna often surprises us with the use of the French language in her communication with us. We hope the nursery will continue to offer this as your company definitely provides a winning formula, which has positive results! Thank you once again.  Parents - Juhee and Nazish Walji, Buttercups Nursery

It is my pleasure to say how pleased I am with Ayman's French club. He comes out with his French words at the funniest of times & just the other day was saying goodbye to me & telling me he's going to France! He thoroughly enjoys his French lesson & I am stunned by how much he is actually picking up. I think Madame Claudine is doing a fantastic job & once Ayman goes to school I will definitely be enrolling him in to your Saturday class. Thank you for doing such a great job.  Parent – Samina Butt, Buttercups Nursery

Our son loves his French. He does not often say much about it and then just spontaneously counts to ten or says vert is green and rouge is red. He is very pleased with himself.  He does think croissant is fish and we keep trying to explain that it is poisson!! Brilliant. Thank you for engaging him and letting him understand that people speak in different languages. Parent – Louise, Busy Bees Nursery

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Madame Claudine, Jamie has really loved his lessons with her and has learnt a huge amount.  We are holidaying in France this summer and so hopefully he will get a chance to try out some of his learning in situ!  Parents - Kirsty & Richard, Little School Nursery

I want to say thank you very much for all of the effort you and your instructors have put in to teaching my children French. They have both learned so much.  In fact I almost dread the day they realise that they can talk to each other and I won't be able to understand them (!) and it won't be long, I am sure. Parent Amie Jacowski, Marshgate Primary



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